The Wild Reeds – “Blind and Brave” (Official Video)

The Wild Reeds is a Los Angeles based indie folk band that is currently making a lot of noise around town. The band is playing shows all over the west coast and is scheduled to play Newport Folk’s Way Over Yonder music festival at the Santa Monica Pier on September 26th. They recently released their music video, “Blind and Brave”, which is a visual love note to Los Angeles and a clear celebration of the city’s multicultural identity.

Here’s what they had to say about their music video: “Blind and Brave” was inspired by a friend who had relocated to Los Angeles to get into the recording and promotional side of the music industry. I too was a new-comer to Los Angeles, and was immediately captivated by the fervor and guts that he had, at such a young age, to just dive in. The story of the song broadened to try to show the working class’ struggle, and in that, ones contribution to their city. I think that translated well in the video that Ryan Maxey made. He is a strong advocate for Los Angeles and we were thrilled to have his vision for the video. All the moments captured were organic, and many of the shots are of our favorite spots in the city. – The Wild Reeds

The Making of Pretty Lights’ New Album: A Color Map of the Sun

Today, THUMP, the new electronic dance music and culture channel from VICE, released an exclusive documentary on the making of Pretty Lights’ latest album, A Color Map of the Sun. The film is an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at one of the most unique musicians in the electronic realm as he creates his upcoming album, which will self-release on July 2.

The film is made up of footage shot over the last two years as Pretty Lights traveled to New Orleans and New York to record musicians and vocalists, making his first album that uses no samples whatsoever. He spent a year composing, playing and recording music and vocals that emulated genres and time periods that spanned the last century, then pressed it all to vinyl. He then used that vinyl along with a custom built analog modular synth to create A Color Map of the Sun. The resulting album is analog electronica – soulful, electro hip-hop that pays respect to music’s immense power to touch listeners emotionally, kinetically and inspirationally. PLM’s Creative Director, Krystle Blackburn, followed him from the street to the studio, documenting the vision and hard work that went into making this record a reality.

Night Drive – Drones [Official Video + MP3]

Night Drive is the type of music you would hear on a car stereo if Giorgio Moroder and Ray Bradbury were driving late at night through a buzzing metropolis. Inspired by bygone era of glamour and excess, kalioscopic neon lights, Studio 54 and Tony Wilson’s Hacienda, the band pulls influence from acts such as Brian Eno, New Order, OMD, The Drums and LCD Soundsystem to name a few. Night Drive rides a nu-wave of fast-tempoed, synth-based electronic sounds driven by rich guitar melodies and arresting vocal hooks.

[MP3] Night Drive – Drones | DOWNLOAD

RÜFÜS – Take Me [Official Video]

This is the story of RÜFÜS. If you read this it is possible you will know more about the band than each of their own mothers. They do not protest. Their mothers love them and they their mothers. For they enjoyed unique childhoods; conquering the level 1000 Sudoku puzzles, counting grains of sand on tropical beaches, skiing down bitterly cold mountain tops in Sweden and fossicking for riches amongst Opal mines in Lightning Ridge.

They found each strapped for cash and escaping the elements one rainy Byron Bay evening. They decided to spend the night writing music. The next morning they had a song. In the following weeks they wrote more songs and started to like what they heard. It was time to put together a band.

The EP times