The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On (Official Video)

The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On

The Dustbowl Revival is a California roots orchestra out of Los Angeles that is really making some noise. In 2013, LA WEEKLY considered this folky ensemble to be the best live band in Los Angeles. Their album, “With a Lampshade On”, was released in July of 2015 and features all the excitement that you can catch at their live shows. The songs on the album range from blues, bluegrass, to hot New Orleans swing and soulful spirituals that really resonate with Americana-Folk fans.

The Wild Reeds – “Blind and Brave” (Official Video)

The Wild Reeds is a Los Angeles based indie folk band that is currently making a lot of noise around town. The band is playing shows all over the west coast and is scheduled to play Newport Folk’s Way Over Yonder music festival at the Santa Monica Pier on September 26th. They recently released their music video, “Blind and Brave”, which is a visual love note to Los Angeles and a clear celebration of the city’s multicultural identity.

Here’s what they had to say about their music video: “Blind and Brave” was inspired by a friend who had relocated to Los Angeles to get into the recording and promotional side of the music industry. I too was a new-comer to Los Angeles, and was immediately captivated by the fervor and guts that he had, at such a young age, to just dive in. The story of the song broadened to try to show the working class’ struggle, and in that, ones contribution to their city. I think that translated well in the video that Ryan Maxey made. He is a strong advocate for Los Angeles and we were thrilled to have his vision for the video. All the moments captured were organic, and many of the shots are of our favorite spots in the city. – The Wild Reeds

Bravestation – Somewhere We Belong [Stream + Mp3]

Bravestation - Somewhere We Belong

IV by Bravestation continues the band’s audible metamorphosis, mixing elements of R&B, New Wave and Electronic music into an atmospheric pop landscape. The noticeable shift in style is influenced by the unfamiliar environment it was created in. “We self-recorded these songs in the cloud, it allowed us to be creative when we were feeling inspired. It was nice to escape the hands on the clock that inevitably take a hold of you when you’re in a professional studio.” notes Derek. Collaboratively, the group gathered on weekends to shape, produce and mix these digital figments of recorded imagination in their makeshift studio/downtown apartment with help from long-time collaborator/mix engineer Andrew Heppner and live sound engineer Alexander Wessel. The result is a reflection of a band interested in exploring new musical ideas and following their artistic vision down whatever path it chooses. It’ll be interesting to hear where it goes next.

You can download the free MP3 Here

Lykke Li – The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 [Stream + Download]

lykke li lost sessions

Here is a gift from the oh so beautiful and talented Lykke Li. She is giving away three tracks to which one of them you can watch above.  The other two are ‘Youth Knows No Pain, and ‘I follow rivers’. Download the mixtape for free below.

“I’d thought I’d give you this to put in your little players, either stick it in your ears or play it loud when the lights are low, mind weary and days rainy.

Remember; life is a process, no feeling is final.

There is no end and no beginning.

Yours truly always,

Lykke Li”

[Download] Lykke Li – The Lost Sessions Vol. 1 | Download (.zip)