The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On (Official Video)

The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On

The Dustbowl Revival is a California roots orchestra out of Los Angeles that is really making some noise. In 2013, LA WEEKLY considered this folky ensemble to be the best live band in Los Angeles. Their album, “With a Lampshade On”, was released in July of 2015 and features all the excitement that you can catch at their live shows. The songs on the album range from blues, bluegrass, to hot New Orleans swing and soulful spirituals that really resonate with Americana-Folk fans.

Emily King // The Animals // Girl Don’t Fight cover

GIRL DON’T FIGHT covering Emily King’s “The Animals” from her album “The Switch”.

©2015 Emily Cowings / Making Music Records.

GIRL DON’T FIGHT is Ari Afsar (vocals, tambo, synth), Russell Angelico (vocals, drum pad), Taylor Fugit (vocals, guitar, 12-step) and hailing from Los Angeles, California.

GDF is a band of 3 voices. They have been singing together for over 8 years, starting at UCLA, and now set free. The trio has grouped together electronic, acoustic, soulful and anthemic textures using harmonies, guitar, percussion, and synths, bringing fans of all backgrounds and tastes together.