The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On (Official Video)

The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On

The Dustbowl Revival is a California roots orchestra out of Los Angeles that is really making some noise. In 2013, LA WEEKLY considered this folky ensemble to be the best live band in Los Angeles. Their album, “With a Lampshade On”, was released in July of 2015 and features all the excitement that you can catch at their live shows. The songs on the album range from blues, bluegrass, to hot New Orleans swing and soulful spirituals that really resonate with Americana-Folk fans.

The band is currently touring around the United States, jumping from festival to festival, nightclubs to amphitheaters, thrilling crowds with their captivating and contagious energy. Dustbowl, as they referred to by their fans, is set to perform at the WinterWonderGrass Festival in Avon, Colorado on February 20th-21st, with a late night and main stage performance on the 21st alongside Greensky Bluegrass, Sister Sparrow, and the Dirty Birds. They currently are working on releasing another album and are set to return to play for their home crowd in Los Angeles in the next few months.

A few months ago, they posted a video with legendary Dick Van Dyke dancing to their tune “Never had to go”.¬† It’s a fun video that features the band casually playing while Van Dyke dances along throughout his home. It’s incredible to see him dance like that at 89 years old. You can check out the video down below!

We highly recommend you to keep a close eye on The Dustbowl Revival by visiting and subscribing to their Youtube channel. You can also follow them on Instagram: @dustbowlrevival. Their pictures and videos are always fun and entertaining. This band is the real deal!





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