The Wild Reeds – “Blind and Brave” (Official Video)

The Wild Reeds is a Los Angeles based indie folk band that is currently making a lot of noise around town. The band is playing shows all over the west coast and is scheduled to play Newport Folk’s Way Over Yonder music festival at the Santa Monica Pier on September 26th. They recently released their music video, “Blind and Brave”, which is a visual love note to Los Angeles and a clear celebration of the city’s multicultural identity.

Here’s what they had to say about their music video: “Blind and Brave” was inspired by a friend who had relocated to Los Angeles to get into the recording and promotional side of the music industry. I too was a new-comer to Los Angeles, and was immediately captivated by the fervor and guts that he had, at such a young age, to just dive in. The story of the song broadened to try to show the working class’ struggle, and in that, ones contribution to their city. I think that translated well in the video that Ryan Maxey made. He is a strong advocate for Los Angeles and we were thrilled to have his vision for the video. All the moments captured were organic, and many of the shots are of our favorite spots in the city. – The Wild Reeds

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