Yonderboi – Come on Progeny [Official Video]

Come on Progeny is probably the most conventional and well-rounded song on the album “Passive Control”. The track’s vocalist and co-writer is the formerly unpublished German singer Charlotte Brandi.

It is a beautifully and richly arranged song, a timeless and utopian composition that reached its final form in roughly twelve years. The idea and the very first version goes back to 2000, when Yonder was still in his teens. Over the years the track was ditched and picked up by him at least ten times, something was never right. Originally it was meant to be instrumental, but on a rainy summer afternoon Charlotte and Yonder gave a try to a vocal version. The vocals worked so well, that they kept it.

[MP3] Yonderboi – Come on Progeny | DOWNLOAD

Yonderboi - Come on Progeny

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