Rafale – Obsessions LP Remixes [Stream + Download]



Founded in 2007 by Julien Henry (synths & vocals) + Marc Aumont (bass & vocals), Rafale got the meters in overdrive right from the start. After the release of 2 EPs, this double act grew to a trio when Frank Richard joined on the drums to work on a 3rd EP, Eraser, produced by Arnaud Rebotini.

Last year saw the release of their debut full-length, Obsessions, which was also Robotini. This week the French duo is back with an incredible gift to y’all, a remixed version of Obsessions featuring Commuter, Arnaud Robotini, Museum, Voyou, Maria False, Theo Gravil, Darabi, Heisenberg 1943, Juveniles & Black Buvard.

10 different remixes but all pretty awesome. Stream/Download each one accordingly or download the whole album in ZIP format HERE! Enjoy!

01 – Everglades (Commuter remix) | Download

02 – Beyond bad (Arnaud Rebotini remix) | Download

03 – Life in mono (Museum remix) | Download

04 – Never ever (Voyou remix) | Download

05 – L’animale (Maria False remix) | Download

06 – Marine aircrash (Theo Gravil remix) | Download

07 – Eraser (Darabi remix) | Download

08 – Endless Disco (Heisenberg 1943 remix) | Download

09 – Bad obsession (Juveniles remix) | Download

10 – Cold nights (Black Buvard remix) | Download

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