BOSS IN DRAMA – Disco Karma [Official Video + Club Mix]


Brazilian producer Péricles M., better known as Boss in Drama, unveils today the video for his 2nd single off his debut album.

Directed by Rafael Kent, “Disco Karma” follows the concept of music: it’s lightweight, sunny + entertaining. “We wanted to make a dance music video. Not like those choreographed pop videos, but for each dancer to personally interpret different styles of dance. We recorded a ragga dancer, street dancers and even a contemporary dance. As the chorus says, ‘Let the music take control!’ “ explains Pericles Martins, aka Boss in Drama. Besides the dancers, the clip features the participation of Australian singer Christel Escosa, who co-wrote & sings on the track.

Also available from today is the club mix version of “Disco Karma”. “People were always asking me to play Disco Karma on the dance floor, but the original version works over a pool party on a sunny day, not in a club at 3 am. From there came the idea of making this club mix, a more dynamic version of the track to get the dancefloor pumping.” Pericles says. With that, the club mix was born.

Boss In Drama – Disco Karma (Club Mix) | Download

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