Sunday Funday – Lounge Mix “Jazz Loves Hip Hop” –


 Jazz Loves Hip-Hop

Every Sunday we’ll be posting some great lounge compilations that we discover. This week we’re featuring the “Jazz Loves Hip-Hop” mix by Sergo Crucian.  It’s good balance of in the pocket grooves and some tasteful jazz samples.

We want to be a part of the movement that is celebrating old music trends and putting their own flare on it. Here’s one important detail: Let’s not forget where all this great music originated. We’ll be featuring some talented musicians and composers who are reinventing jazz around the world. Stay tuned!

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A Sweet Depart from The Street Hearts (Interview)


The Street Hearts is a Los Angeles based five-piece band hailing from the growing music scene at UCLA. Known for their smooth harmonies and skilled songwriting, the band first hit the scene after winning UCLA’s Spring Sing in 2013, and quickly transitioned into performing at venues around Los Angeles such as The Mint and The Witzend.  After a year of gigging around town and working relentlessly in the studio, they recently released “Darlin’”, a gorgeous ballad that features talented singer/songwriter Sarah Summers.

One important detail about this release is that “Darlin’” will actually be the last song the band releases under their current name. Since the addition of its newest members, (Nate Schwartz and Nick Velez) their sound has continuously been evolving into a more edgy Indie-rock vibe that strays from their previous sound. The five are now looking to reinvent the band’s identity and release their upcoming EP under a new name in early October.

While we wait for the band’s new name and the release of their EP,  listen to this incredible collaboration between The Street Hearts and Sarah Summers. This recording showcases their remarkable songwriting abilities, smooth and smokey vocals, killer harmonies and skillful musicianship.

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July Talk – “Endless Summer” (Official Video)


July Talk is an incredible rock band that we had the opportunity to see in Los Angeles at KCRW’s “It’s a School Night” at Bardot. An incredible five piece band with an interestingly playful front girl/front man duo that gave their performance a special touch. The vocalists are extremely unique, both providing an eccentric rawness to their sound. July Talk’s set rocks hard with crunchy guitar riffs, heavy drums, and a stage presence that fills the room with their intensity and edgy charm.

Currently on tour, July Talk is an act you should check out live. This band won’t disappoint. Check out their music video”Endless Summer”, to get a feel for their vibe.

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Jessie J “Bang Bang”- Nick Vez (Remix)



Nick Velez aka Nick Vez, is a LA beat producer that has just released his new remix of the summer hit “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. He incorporates sampled-based synths and bass-heavy percussion seamlessly to support the pitched-up vocals and aggressive nature of the melody.  Vez is set to release several remixes in the upcoming months, balancing his time in the studio with playing drums for numerous Los Angeles based projects. If you dig his sound, please stay tuned for more of his work.

You can check out the remix…

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MusiqTrend’s Rising Artists: Raquel Rodriguez (Los Angeles)


Raquel Rodriguez is an incredibly gifted vocalist born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California. Raquel and her band are known for their invigorating performances, groovin’ sound and sophisticated arrangements that stay true to soul music. The group recently embarked on a nationwide tour promoting their latest album, “Miss Me”, visiting cities like Austin, Chicago, Denver, Green Bay, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Now that the band is back home in Los Angeles, they are currently putting together the new tracks for their next production with drummer and producer Sam Brawner. Raquel Rodriguez is definitely someone you need to see live! Her attitude, funk, and vocal prowess are undeniable, while her incredible band brings you back to the glory days of soul music. She is the real deal.

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“The Feel Up” – September 21st @ Carbon (ABDUL SHAKIR & Mando Fever, INFEX, Eddie Quiroz, Cris Ceballos)


THE FEELUP:  A social groove lounge located in the heart of Culver City. This promises to be a night full of good vibes, underground house music and great atmosphere. The resident dj’s ( Abdul Shakir & Mando Fever) are in charge of taking you to a musical trip every Sunday night, with Guest dj’s and music selectors every weekend. This night it’s time for Eddie Quiroz (supra sessions) & Cris Ceballos (supra sessions). Also that night, special guest DJ: INFEX, (molacacho records, supra sessions) will provide a special touch with his signature head turning music selection.

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The Wild Reeds – “Blind and Brave” (Official Video)

The Wild Reeds is a Los Angeles based indie folk band that is currently making a lot of noise around town. The band is playing shows all over the west coast and is scheduled to play Newport Folk’s Way Over Yonder music festival at the Santa Monica Pier on September 26th. They recently released their music video, “Blind and Brave”, which is a visual love note to Los Angeles and a clear celebration of the city’s multicultural identity.

Here’s what they had to say about their music video: “Blind and Brave” was inspired by a friend who had relocated to Los Angeles to get into the recording and promotional side of the music industry. I too was a new-comer to Los Angeles, and was immediately captivated by the fervor and guts that he had, at such a young age, to just dive in. The story of the song broadened to try to show the working class’ struggle, and in that, ones contribution to their city. I think that translated well in the video that Ryan Maxey made. He is a strong advocate for Los Angeles and we were thrilled to have his vision for the video. All the moments captured were organic, and many of the shots are of our favorite spots in the city. - The Wild Reeds

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Daughter – Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)

Daughter’s cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, recorded live & exclusively for Huw Stephens on the BBC Radio One Live Lounge on Saturday, 27th April 2013.

Daughter’s debut album ‘If You Leave’ is available now via 4AD/Glassnote:

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#Unknown – New #79


The “mysterious” Soundcloud account by the name of #Unknown (Unknown-Untitled) shares a new track called New #79. We heard this one before as the opening track of The Magician’s Magic Tape 41.

Chasing Kurt – From The Inside (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

Originally released in the latter half of last year, Chasing Kurt’s ‘From The Inside’ quickly became regarded as one of the most anthemic house tracks of the 2013. The track combines soulful piano chords with an overwhelmingly powerful and emotive vocal; an innovative modern deep house classic which possesses genuine originality. Made up of Pascal Blanché, Wojtek Kutschke and vocalist Lukas Polocze, the Polish house group re-release alongside remixes from some of world’s most credible producers.

First up to remix Chasing Kurt’s vocal anthem is legendary German artist Henrik Schwarz who has a knack for making every one of his productions as exciting as the next. His rendition of ‘From The Inside’ is certainly no anomaly.
Konstantin Sibold’s mix is a completely different reworking altogether, as he uses denser kick drums and haunting claps as the bed for reverberating vocals and a bouncy hook.

Hamburg producer Lovebirds provides a classic house twist on the original with his Forte Piano Mix; a remix that combines gentle bongo percussion and soulful piano chords resulting in a funkier and more upbeat cut.

Tying up the release is an energetic remix from Copyright who make use of busy percussion and a catchy lead hook to forge a track capable of setting fire to any dancefloor

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